How to Know Your Calls Are Being Monitored

Our smartphones are like our best friends. We share our secrets with them, and they are always there for us.  They are like a diary where you can write your feelings and thoughts.

You can keep private photos, videos, and other stuff on your phone. But what if someone is monitoring your calls, reading your text messages, and spying on other activities you do on your smartphone?

In this piece, we will show you how to know your calls are being monitored, how to disable them and safeguard your phone from being monitored.

How to Tell if Your Cell Phone Is Being Tracked, Tapped, or Monitored by Spy Software


Can you tell if someone is listening to your phone calls? Yes, you certainly can. There are signs that someone is using spy software to monitor your phone. The following are some telltale signs that someone is listening in on your phone calls or monitoring your phone:

Sudden battery draining

Battery drain is one of the first signs of spyware being installed on the phone. If you notice that your phone’s battery begins to drain fast suddenly, it could mean that someone is listening in on your conversations and recording them as they happen.

Your phone’s battery life may be adversely affected if spyware is installed. This is because the software that tracks your calls, texts, and other activity requires more power to run.

Unusual apps

If you are noticing strange apps on your phone that you did not download, it may be possible that someone is monitoring your activities on that device. If you notice this, you must uninstall these applications immediately. mSpy, SpyBubble, XNSPY, eyeZy

Cocospy, and MobiStealth are some apps to keep an eye out for.

‘Rooted’ or ‘Jailbroken’ phone.

If you find that someone has rooted or jailbroken your phone, they have likely installed spyware on it. This software can monitor everything you do with the phone, including recording your calls, reading your text messages, and tracking everywhere you go with GPS.

Download ‘Root Checker to see if your Android device has been rooted. If you discover your phone has been rooted without your knowledge, perform a factory reset immediately.

If you are an iPhone user, look for the ‘Cydia’ app to see if your iPhone has been jailbroken. Cydia is a third-party app store for iOS devices that allows the installation of third-party apps and tweaks.

Strange clicks or pops during a call

How can you tell if your phone is being monitored by someone else? You may hear clicks or pops that aren’t part of normal call conversation, as though someone was pressing buttons on a recording device or computer keyboard. This could indicate that someone is recording your conversation without your knowledge or consent.

The phone heats up when not in use.

Another sign that a person monitors your call is the phone heating up when not in use. This can be caused by the malware constantly running and draining the battery or because the hacker is using high-powered spy software to monitor your phone’s activity.

Random reboots

If you notice your phone randomly rebooting, it could be because someone is trying to track you. If you’re being watched, the person doing so will likely try to install a spy app on your phone.

These apps will give the user remote access to your device and allow them to record everything you do on it. They can even install additional apps without your knowledge or permission.

So if you notice that your phone is randomly rebooting, it might be because of one of these apps. If this happens, you should consider resetting your device as soon as possible.

How to Stop Someone from Monitoring Your Call

Your phone is a treasure trove of personal information. You can safeguard your phone from being monitored by adhering to the following instructions:

Only install trusted applications

The first step towards protecting your phone from spying is only to install trusted apps. There are many ways malicious apps can get onto your phone, but the most common way is through app stores.  Google Play Store and Apple App Store are both considered safe places to download apps because they have security measures in place to prevent malware from being downloaded onto your device.

Be careful to who you give your phone.

Do not give your phone to people you can trust. If you don’t know the person or are unsure about their motives, don’t give them your phone.

Use strong password

Another way to protect your call from being monitored is to make your phone password as complicated as possible. A strong password will help protect your phone from intruders to install spy apps. Many free password apps can generate a long and complicated password.

Avoid ‘Rooting’ or ‘Jailbreaking’ your phone.

Do not root or jailbreak your smartphone. The reason behind this advice is that if you root or jailbreak your device, anyone who has access to it can install malicious any third-party app on it, which can be used to monitor your calls or spy on your messages, videos, and other files.

Keep your device updated.

Make sure that you keep your device updated with the latest software. This ensures that there are no security holes in the operating system that could be exploited.

Be mindful of your permissions.

Apps can ask for access to all kinds of things, and it’s up to you whether to grant them the privilege. For example, if a camera app wants permission to use your camera, that might seem like a fair request— but what if it also asks for access to your microphone? That’s probably not what you want. One way around this is to look at the list of permissions an app requests before installing it; if one looks out of place, don’t install it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a number to dial to see if your phone is tapped?

There is no such number. The only way to tell if your phone has been tapped is to look for unusual apps, rapid battery drain, and other signs mentioned in the article.

Does *#21# tell you if your phone is tapped?

No, it doesn’t. Several websites claim dialling *#21# will reveal whether an iPhone, Android, or basic phone has been tapped, but this has been proven to be false.

How to untap your phone?

If you suspect your phone has been tapped, you can untap it by uninstalling strange apps and updating your phone system. If you want to go all out, perform a factory reset.

How to know if the police are tracking your phone?

It can be difficult to determine whether the police are tracking your phone; however, you can look for signs such as random phone reboots, strange noises when making calls, and rapid battery drain.

The bottom line is to avoid crime or anything else that would attract the attention of the police.





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